Pride and sadness – Thanks Team Motpub for more than 30 years of printing

There are times when you have mixed emotions. I had a feeling of pride and sadness, when I was informed that one of my images has been chosen as the cover for the last printed issue of Dive Log Magazine which incorporated Sport Diving Magazine a few years ago. Dive Log will continue as a fully digital magazine though.

I have to admit that I love printed magazines or coffee table books. For me it is something different to look at a printed image or a image in a magazine on my iPad. I give the images much more time to unfold their beauty in a printed version than on the iPad. It might be different for others, but these are just my sentiments.

It fills me with sadness to see that more and more magazines change towards digital publishing, but I think it is just the zeitgeist of the time we are living in.

When people ask me how one can get their images and stories out, there are always three answers. At least for me:

  1. deliver quality
  2. reliability
  3. loyalty

All of the above is meant to be important for both. The Magazine and the Photographer.

Sometimes you work with a Magazine and you don´t get paid or they do things to your images that are beyond believe.

Not getting paid is a thing you have to deal with from time to time and maybe I´m lucky that I always got paid, except one time, but that was my own mistake in the beginning of my “career”.

A thing that I don´t like at all, is when the graphics team is fiddling the colors etc. of my images and I have a hard time to recognize my images, when I see the draft of the article. It just happened one time, but that was the trigger to never ever work with this Magazine again. I was totally outraged, because in the end my name is printed below the images and they have nothing to do with the original image I delivered.

Never happend with Motpub, the publisher of both Sport Diving & Dive Log, and all the three points that I mentioned in the beginning have always been key elements of my collaboration with them.

They embraced me and my work in the very early stages and I´ll be forever grateful for doing so. Giving a newbie a chance was great and I hope I paid back the trust you put into me back then. All in all they ran seven stories and 4 covers and it has always been a pleasure to work with the whole team.

I´m wishing all involved the best for the new chapter and keep up the great work!

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