2019 recap

2019 .... A  crazy, beautiful, inspiring, but also sad year. The year, like the last eight years, began with the annual pilgrimage to the BOOT show. As a man from Cologne, it's a love-hate relationship, because actually I only go to Düsseldorf in absolute emergencies, but BOOT show is simply the place to be for … Continue reading 2019 recap

Pride and sadness – Thanks Team Motpub for more than 30 years of printing

There are times when you have mixed emotions. I had a feeling of pride and sadness, when I was informed that one of my images has been chosen as the cover for the last printed issue of Dive Log Magazine which incorporated Sport Diving Magazine a few years ago. Dive Log will continue as a … Continue reading Pride and sadness – Thanks Team Motpub for more than 30 years of printing

Fighting for something you believe in?!

Facebook just reminded me of a piece of mine, which covered the fight of a community against an illegal mine on Pulau Bangka / North Sulawesi, that was published exactly 5 years ago. In 2014 we had just booked our first ever family vacation to Murex Resorts who operate resorts in Manado and on Pulau … Continue reading Fighting for something you believe in?!

How close is too close Part II

In part one of "How close is too close" I encountered the fastest fish of our ocean. In part II I encountered the biggest fish of our ocean. This whaleshark was still a youngster but his mouth was huge (aprox. 1 - 1,5 m wide). Shot during an assignment on the beautiful Amira in Triton … Continue reading How close is too close Part II

How close is too close?

There is a simple rule in underwater photography which says "Get close and now get closer". I´m generaly no fearful person, but being in the water with sailfish that are in feeding mode can be quite an experience. Especialy when they are coming in that close. Shot within one second during my trip to Isla … Continue reading How close is too close?

Story behind the shot –

Splitlevel shots are, at least for me, without any doubt the most attractive imagery one can produce. They can have a huge impact by highlighting things that are above and below the surface. Hard coral gardens are unfortunately getting harder and harder to find these days.  During my last years trip to the beautiful island … Continue reading Story behind the shot –

How it all started

I haven´t blogged since quite a while, but after my recent post on Facebook I received some messages where some of my friends asked me some questions about my background and how things developed in all these years. So I decided to write a blog... again.... Please excuse my horrible english... I wrote this blog … Continue reading How it all started

Veröffentlichung im ASIAN DIVER

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Asian Diver  ist nun der erste Artikel über meinen Trip ins marine Wunderland "Triton Bay" in West Papua erschienen. Erkundet habe ich diesen abgelegenen Flecken unseres Planeten mit dem wirklich hervorragenden Safariboot Amira.  Auch wenn die Anreise sehr aufwändig ist, bereue ich den Trip zu keiner Sekunde. Was ich dort … Continue reading Veröffentlichung im ASIAN DIVER

Veröffentlichung in SPORT DIVING

Meine Artikel über das Weda Resort auf der indonesischen Insel Halmahera sind eine kleine Erfolgsstory. In der aktuellen Ausgabe des SPORT DIVING Magazins  konnte ich mir wieder fünf Seiten sichern und der Artikel bringt es mittlerweile auf fünf Veröffentlichungen weltweit.

Veröffentlichung in SPORT DIVING

Nun war auch endlich der Artikel über meinen Trip nach Saparua und das Cape Paperu Resort an der Reihe. Im bereits seit mehr als vierzig Jahren etablierten, australischen Tauchmagazin SPORT DIVING hat meinem Artikel fünf Seiten ergattern können. Ein Trip ins Cape Paperu Resort lässt sich wunderbar mit einem Aufenthalt bei den Maluku Divern kombinieren. … Continue reading Veröffentlichung in SPORT DIVING